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Power Project is THE step up from Get Fitter.  For everyone, but especially those who are ready for anything, and we do mean anything.  Our resistance sessions really will challenge you and test your limits.  The results will be worth it, we know this for a fact.  You will receive a structured resistance training plan tailored to your requirements whether it be strength gains, muscle gains or toning and definition.  Sessions end with a HIIT finisher to really burn the body fat.

3 resistance based sessions a week.
Includes a variety of training methods, nutritional plan, body composition, structured resistance training plan and centimetre tracking.
Small group training, three sessions per week, 6 week programme.

Power Project is currently being delivered online using the Zoom Cloud Meeting App. Along with the above you will also get access to our ‘Quarantine Survival Group’ where there is 12 extra sessions per week. Monday-Friday at 9.15am & 7pm, Saturday & Sunday at 10am.

Group 1 is on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am

Group 2 is on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm (8pm is currently unavailable).



After completing the trial run of this programme I was absolutely hooked, the results were unreal and I couldn't have been happier with the transformation in my body shape and even bought my first item of clothing which was a size 12. This was a huge achievement for me after wearing size 30/32. I've stuck with the Power Project from the very first official programme and only missed one programme.

This programme never disappoints!!


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