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Get Fitter

Does what it says on the tin! Ideal for everyone looking to improve overall fitness, Get Fitter will help you focus on the areas you want to improve.  Cardio, strength or body conditioning – whatever you need.  As the programme runs we will gradually up the pace, supporting you to push harder, improve your performance and exceed your targets.

Includes a variety of training methods, nutritional plan, body composition and centimeter tracking.
Small group training, three sessions per week, 6 week programme.

Group 1 is on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6.00am.

Group 2 is on a  Monday, Wednesday & Thursday at 6.00pm.



I've never been a one for gyms, I've always found them intimidating. The Loft is totally different and unlike any other gym I've tried. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. The trainers are knowledgeable and want us all to succeed - whatever our individual goal. Be it to improve overall fitness, gain muscle or lose weight, there's something for everyone and all abilities. The Loft has become a major part of my weekly routine and, I never thought I'd hear myself saying it but, "I love the gym!"

—Judith Sponton, Low Fell

I feel great after a Get Fitter session. Particularly as I go before work... it sets me up nicely for the day.

I'm a regular at The Loft on the Get Fitter programme and I can safely say that I feel much fitter than before I started. It's part of my routine now. I've tried to achieve this with many other gyms over the years but nothing has stuck like SPARK Health & Fitness. I like the variety of the sessions and I've never once felt bored.

—Ben Cottam, Low Fell

After hearing about the Get Fitter programme and seeing some results from friends I wanted to find out more to see what it would do for me.

I feel like a different person, totally fit and body shaped changed, I think more about food, diet, alcohol and what not to eat now.

—Graham Pinder, Low Fell

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