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Metafit hurts but I have never felt so well. For 30 minutes work I have found muscles I never knew existed. Going from very little exercise to metafit, Mark helps and pushes you every step of the way. Highly recommend it!!

—Melanie Pickering, Low Fell

Really enjoy training here, friendly atmosphere. Completed the get fitter programme twice, and also had a go at the boxing. I will be continuing to train here all year round. Keep up the good work!

—Jamie Arkle, Low Fell

Fantastic facilities with a trainer that pushes you to the limit! Results this place churns out still amazes me.. keep up the great work!

—Craig Gibbon, Gateshead

Very friendly atmosphere, I really enjoyed the boxing circuit. I'll definitely be back for more! Professionally run, I'd definitely recommend!

—Lisa Bell

I love The Loft!! Look forward to my next session EVERY TIME and do not like to miss a class. Mark is a great instructor/motivator. He will always modify an exercise if you're not physically able to do it as I have found. This means that I can always take part in all 'stations' in circuit classes! This is one of the best things I have ever done and taken part in. I have found everyone to be friendly and encouraging. Great atmosphere here!

—Jill Summers, Low Fell

I cannot recommend SPARK Health and Fitness at The Loft enough. Mark has helped me turn my life around completely and my health, fitness and confidence is growing by the day.The Loft is not a conventional gym, it has a rustic and welcoming feel to it and you know you're walking in there to work hard, sweat and walk out knowing 100% you're going to see fab results and feel great.

I've now been training with Mark for 4 year and have lost over 250 cm's in total and just over 13 stone. I'm now qualified to deliver my own programme and I'm very proud to be a member of Team SPARK helping others achieve their goals too.

I'm so much stronger both physically and mentally than I was and love the feeling. If I could bottle how I feel now then I would give it away for free!

—Joanne Robson, Lobley Hill

The first time I went to Sparkfit, I felt slightly out of breath as I went up the stairs. I now have a resting heart-beat of 56... At first, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd been going to gyms for many years, but gradually lost focus & was coasting.

I quickly found Sparkfit was different. Mark & his team push you, and make you do your best, but in a positive way. It's such a relaxed, friendly place. Most gyms are full of lycra & egos. Sparkfit isn't like that. You can do a good-honest work-out & walk out feeling amazing.

At first, I used to go to the pay-as-you-go sessions. Nowadays, I do the Burn Programme, which is half-an-hour of focussed work at 7am. It's great to go off to work afterwards, feeling refreshed and motivated.

So... as a 50 year man I never expected to feel so fit again & have never regretted going up those stairs for the first time.

Only my second time there, really enjoyed, very friendly and left me definitely wanting to go back.

—Mark Walls

I feel absolutely fantastic, refreshed, challenged and inspired after every session and can't wait until the next one. I've never been anywhere as good as The Loft, the trainers are so friendly and extremely knowledgeable and each session is different. I've never stuck to anything for so long.

—Angie Patterson, Gateshead

I feel energised as I have accomplished a challenging work out, even though it's tiring it's a 'good' tired. Classes are not over crowded and the equipment doesn't look daunting. Trainers are always just a message away for any queries or support.

—Nicola Amos, Low Fell

I've never been a one for gyms, I've always found them intimidating. The Loft is totally different and unlike any other gym I've tried. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. The trainers are knowledgeable and want us all to succeed - whatever our individual goal. Be it to improve overall fitness, gain muscle or lose weight, there's something for everyone and all abilities. The Loft has become a major part of my weekly routine and, I never thought I'd hear myself saying it but, "I love the gym!"

—First Steps Participant

I feel great after a Get Fitter session. Particularly as I go before work... it sets me up nicely for the day.

I'm a regular at The Loft on the Get Fitter programme and I can safely say that I feel much fitter than before I started. It's part of my routine now. I've tried to achieve this with many other gyms over the years but nothing has stuck like SPARK Health & Fitness. I like the variety of the sessions and I've never once felt bored.

—Ben Cottam, Low Fell

After completing the trial run of this programme I was absolutely hooked, the results were unreal and I couldn't have been happier with the transformation in my body shape and even bought my first item of clothing which was a size 12. This was a huge achievement for me after wearing size 30/32. I've stuck with the Power Project from the very first official programme and only missed one programme.

—Power Project participant

The sessions with Jo were my first 'real' exercise in nearly 6 years and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Jo was easy going but enthusiastic. I liked the range of exercises and the half hour time frame is perfect for a busy single parent. The ability to bring little ones along too makes my life a lot easier.

I know I could push myself or back off depending on the exercise and the smaller group meant I wasn't self conscious about my ability and fitness (or lack of).

A great introduction to exercise, just wish I could do more!

—Heather Dale, Low Fell

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