> Set your metabolism on fire!

7AM Burn

7am Burn is designed to set your metabolism on fire both during the session and throughout the day, bodyweight training, boxing and functional equipment with bursts of high intensity cardio that boosts your metabolism and rapidly burns fat.  Hard work however, the results are amazing.

Includes a variety of training methods, body composition and centimeter tracking.
Small group training, three sessions per week, 6-week programme.

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at 7am.

There is also an option of the sessions being delivered online via Zoom.





I've never looked forward to training before, it's always felt like a chore but I genuinely can't wait for each session. I'm really pleased with my fat loss and muscle gain. I also love exercising first thing it lifts my mood for the rest of the day!

—Faye Dobson, Low Fell

I feel like I have ben worked hard and I feel I can see results quickly.

—Maria Kelly

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