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VIP Training Programme WILL RETURN SOON

Our brand new ‘VIP Training Programme’ is a 6-week programme.

This an exclusive programme restricted to a maximum of 10 clients. We are limiting the number of clients we want to take on because of the degree of tailored and personal coaching we are providing. Each session will be tailored to you and your goal, for example if your goal is to gain strength then each session will be tailored to resistance training etc.

As well as the 12 VIP timeslots per week you will also have access to 6 semi-private training programme sessions (Get Fitter 5pm & 6pm on a Monday, Wednesday & Thursday) and access to 14 pay as you go session per week too.

You will receive discounted Sports Therapy Treatment.

You will receive a tailored nutrition plan and a 1:1 nutrition consultation.

You will gain entry into our VIP Facebook group.

You will receive a SPARKbait card giving you 10% discount from The Salad Bowl and Carters Butchers.

There will be an option to ‘freeze’ your training sessions should you have work commitments.

(Please note this will be for no longer than a 2-week period in one go).

This programme is ideal for any busy parents/professionals, shift workers, offshore workers or anyone available to train through the day.

The venue
The Loft, Kells Lane, Low Fell.

Body composition and centimetre tracking.
Minimum of 3 sessions per week over a 6 week block, you will have access to up to 78 sessions per 6 week block over the 4 time slots including our Power Hour session on a Saturday morning at 10.15am.

All sessions run Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s – Time slots available are 8am, 10.30am, 12.00pm & 1.30pm



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